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BillSessionStatusTitleLeg URLHearingUW Position
SB 51142017  Providing that a quarterly revenue forecast is due on February 20th during both a long and short legislative session year (Braun, Ranker, Brown) URL2017-01-17N/A
HB 11752017  Increasing the rate of sales and use tax that may be imposed by certain transportation benefit districts (Muri) URL2017-01-17N/A
HB 11642017  Concerning public awareness of tax exemptions for over-the-counter drugs dispensed to patients pursuant to a prescription (Wylie, Calder, Orwall) URL2017-01-17N/A
HB 11722017  Encouraging low-water landscaping practices as a drought alleviation tool (Orville, Blake, Fitzgibbon) URL2017-01-18N/A
HB 13332017  Requiring establishment of a systemwide credit policy regarding AP exams (Stambaugh, Springer, Harris) URL0000N/A
HB 12422017  Concerning patients' access to investigational medical products (Vick, Riccelli, Graves) URL0000N/A
HB 12382017  Creating new full-time tenure track positions at the state's four-year public institutions of higher education (Pollet, Haler, Tarleton) URL0000N/A
HB 12392017  Concerning requests for medical records to support an application for social security benefits (Sullivan) URL2017-01-18N/A
SB 51132017  Investing in education by modifying the business and occupation tax and providing small business tax relief (Braun, Ranker) URL0000N/A
HB 11092017  Supporting victims of sexual assault (Orwall, McCabe, Griffey) URL0000N/A
HB 11792017  Concerning compensation for part-time academic employees at community colleges (Pollet, Haler, Appleton) URL0000N/A
HB 11682017  Supporting student success at community and technical colleges by increasing full-time faculty (Gregerson, Haler, Pollet) URL0000N/A
HB 12372017  Modifying collective bargaining law to authorize providing additional compensation to academic employees at community and technical colleges (Sells, Haler, Pollet) URL0000N/A
HB 10522017  Repealing the requirement that credentialing authorities suspend a person's occupational credential for nonpayment or default of certain student loans (Sawyer) URL2017-01-17N/A
HB 13002017  Simplifying and enforcing employee status under employment laws to ensure fairness to employers and employees and address the underground economy (Riccelli, Gregerson, Peterson) URL0000N/A
SB 5173 (HB 1323)2017  Concerning loss prevention reviews by state agencies (Chase, Miloscia, Hunt) URL0000N/A
HB 1323 (SB 5173)2017  Concerning loss prevention reviews by state agencies (Wylie, Harris, Nealey) URL0000N/A
SB 51522017  Concerning pediatric transitional care centers (Fain, Keiser, Rivers) URL0000N/A
SB 5086 (HB 1075)2017  Concerning the capital budget (Honeyford, Frockt) URL0000N/A
HB 1325 (SB 5087)2017  Concerning the evaluation and prioritization of capital budget projects at the public two-year and four-year institutions of higher education (Tharinger) URL0000N/A
SB 5087 (HB 1325)2017  Concerning the evaluation and prioritization of capital budget projects at the public two-year and four-year institutions of higher education (Honeyford, Frockt) URL0000N/A
HB 1075 (SB 5086)2017  Concerning the capital budget (Tharinger) URL0000N/A
HB 11392017  Concerning the methods of services provided by the office of public guardianship (Kilduff, Rodne, Jinkins) URL2017-01-17N/A
HB 11332017  Limiting the uses of the fire protection contractor license fund (Griffey, Appleton) URL2017-01-09N/A
HB 13052017  Concerning unlawful entry on certain properties (Barkis, Kirby, Klippert) URL0000N/A
HB 12962017  Consolidating and simplifying the annual report and annual survey used for economic development tax incentives (Nealey, Springer, Harris) URL0000N/A
HB 12892017  Concerning plaques for certain state-funded capital budget projects (Riccelli, DeBolt, Tharinger) URL0000N/A
HB 12682017  Exempting the construction of certain pedestrian infrastructure from the requirements of the state environmental policy act (Harmsworth, Shea, Griffey) URL0000N/A
SB 5093 (HB 1265)2017  Providing tax relief to females by exempting feminine hygiene products from retail sales and use tax (Wilson, Darneille, Keiser) URL0000N/A
HB 1265 (SB 5093)2017  Providing tax relief to females by exempting feminine hygiene products from retail sales and use tax (Stambaugh, Van Werven, Hayes) URL0000N/A
HB 12622017  Concerning accessible parking spaces for people with disabilities (McBride, Dye, Peterson) URL0000N/A
HB 12532017  Making higher education more affordable by providing incentives for the use of open source instructional materials (Young, Ortiz-Self, Stambaugh) URL0000N/A
HB 12632017  Concerning powered automatic doors in buildings accessible to the public (McBride, Riccelli, Peterson) URL0000N/A
SB 5205 (HB 1032)2017  Concerning the excise taxation of martial arts (Fain, Palumbo, Zeiger) URL0000N/A
SB 51952017  Clarifying the appropriate format for signed written authorizations for special parking privileges (Hunt, King) URL0000N/A
SB 51662017  SB 5166 Concerning a sales tax exemption provided to state and local governments, public school districts, and public charter schools on construction when the funds were obtained from indebtedness (Ericksen) URL0000N/A
SB 51722017  Concerning department of ecology's reporting requirements on greenhouse gas emissions (Ericksen) URL0000N/A
SB 51712017  Concerning certain uses of state-owned aquatic lands (Ericksen) URL0000N/A
SB 51682017  Prohibiting the use of mandatory project labor agreements (Ericksen) URL0000N/A
HB 11632017  Concerning domestic violence (Goodman, Hayes, Orwall) URL2017-01-16N/A
SB 50242017  Concerning groundwater supply availability in areas with ground and surface water interaction (McCoy) URL0000N/A
SB 50312017  Addressing licensing and enforcement provisions applicable to money transmitters and currency exchanges under the uniform money services act (Angel, Mullet) URL0000N/A
HB 10742017  Creating the community wildfire protection assessment (Lytton, Tarleton, Ormsby) URL0000N/A
HB 10352017  Ensuring the accuracy of prevailing wage survey data provided by interested parties (Manweller, Short) URL0000N/A
HB 10452017 Committee Report, Do Pass Substitute Addressing licensing and enforcement provisions applicable to money transmitters and currency exchanges under the uniform money services act (Kirby) URL2017-01-10N/A
HB 11712017  Directing the completion of a study of certain environmental impacts, including ultrafine particulate emissions, associated with aircraft traffic in areas impacted by airport operations. URL0000N/A
HB 12412017  Increasing legislative oversight of agency rule making (Koster, Shea, Taylor) URL0000N/A
HB 12402017  Revising the responsibilities of the joint administrative rules review committee to increase legislative oversight of agency rule making (Koster, Taylor, Shea) URL0000N/A
HB 12142017  Increasing the number of state need grant recipients by awarding the community and technical college rate in certain financial aid programs for a student's first two years of postsecondary credit (Hargrove, Pettigrew, Sells) URL0000N/A
HB 11172017  Addressing health care services balance billing (Cody, Caldier, Jinkins) URL2017-01-18N/A
HB 10132017  Reducing overlap between the state environmental policy act and other laws (Shea, Taylor, McCaslin) URL2017-01-17N/A
HB 10092017  Clarifying that the authority to mitigate environmental impacts under the state environmental policy act applies only to significant adverse environmental impacts (Shea, Taylor, Short) URL2017-01-17N/A
HB 10312017  Concerning the use of unmanned aerial systems near certain protected marine species (Lytton, Morris, Tarleton) URL2017-01-17N/A
HB 10322017  Concerning the excise taxation of martial arts (Ryu, Orcutt, Kirby) URL2017-01-13N/A
HB 10692017  Concerning procedures for enforcing outpatient civil commitment orders (Jinkins, Appleton, Kirby) URL2017-01-12N/A
HB 10482017  Promoting a sustainable, local renewable energy industry through modifying renewable energy system tax incentives and providing guidance for renewable energy system component recycling (Morris) URL2017-01-12N/A
HB 1067 (SB 5048)2017  Making 2017-2019 fiscal biennium operating appropriations (Ormsby) URL2017-01-09N/A
HB 1068 (SB 5047)2017  Making 2017 supplemental operating appropriations (Ormsby) URL2017-01-09N/A
SB 50462017  Providing public notices of public health, safety, and welfare in a language other than English (Hasegawa, Chase) URL2017-01-17N/A
HB 1061 (SB 5043)2017  Concerning collection agency transaction fees for processing electronic payments (Stanford, Vick, Springer) URL2017-01-17N/A
SB 5043 (HB 1061)2017  Concerning collection agency transaction fees for processing electronic payments (Angel, Mullet, Hobbs) URL2017-01-17N/A
SB 50552017  Concerning proceedings of the joint administrative rules review committee (Dansel) URL0000N/A
HB 11602017  Enacting recommendations of the sunshine committee (Springer, Kilduff, Pollet) URL0000N/A
HB 11032017  Concerning the transfer of federal land to the state (Taylor, Shea, McCaslin) URL0000N/A
HB 10822017  Prohibiting regulation of the amount of rent for commercial properties (Manweller, Condotta, Buys) URL0000N/A
HB 10722017  Concerning determination of the constitutionality of legislative acts (Koster, Young, Shea) URL0000N/A
HB 11452017  Concerning unpaid accounts (Springer, Rodne, Goodman) URL0000N/A
SB 50492017  Concerning relocation assistance following real property acquisition (King) URL0000N/A
HB 12022017  Prohibiting the use of international law to infringe on property rights (Young, McCaslin, Taylor) URL0000N/A
SB 50892017  Concerning more efficient use of state facilities through aligning the functions of the department of enterprise services and the office of financial management, collecting additional space use data, and making technical corrections (Honeyford, Frockt) URL0000N/A
HB 11042017  Concerning unlawful entry onto private property (Taylor, Shea, Short) URL0000N/A
HB 12072017  Requiring agreements between state agencies and the federal government to be reported to the legislature (Young, Taylor, Shea) URL0000N/A
HB 11442017  Amending state greenhouse gas emission limits for consistency with the most recent assessment of climate change science (Fitzgibbon, Ryu, Peterson) URL0000N/A
HB 10102017  Directing the department of ecology to submit an annual report to the legislature detailing the department's participation in interagency agreements (Shea, Taylor, Holy) URL2017-01-09N/A
SB 51362017  Concerning electronic product recycling (Case, Sheldon, Conway) URL0000N/A
HB 12262017  Improving the convenience of electronic waste collection (Pike, Peterson, Manweller) URL0000N/A
HB 12132017  Promoting the use of greywater in urban buildings (Farrell, Pollet, Peterson) URL0000N/A
Hb 12282017  Limiting industrial insurance benefits for injuries or diseases caused by use of intoxicating liquor or drugs (Pike, Manweller, Kraft) URL0000N/A
HB 12032017  Exempting school districts from the state portion of sales and use taxes on school construction (Young, Walsh, J, McCaslin) URL0000N/A
SB 51502017  Providing a sales and use tax exemption for certain feminine hygiene products (Fain, Rivers, Palumbo) URL0000N/A
SB 51272017  Establishing a carbon pollution tax and investment program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, facilitate the transition to a clean energy economy, and invest in K-12 education and other vital public services (Braun, Ranker) URL0000N/A
HB 1159 (SB 5120)2017  Concerning employment after public service in state government (Pellicciotti, Haler, Sells) URL0000N/A
SB 5120 (HB 1159)2017  Concerning employment after public service in state government (Carlyle, Miloscia, Hunt) URL0000N/A
SB 50642017  Concerning freedom of expression rights of students at public schools and institutions of higher education (Fain, Rolfes, Rivers) URL0000N/A
HB 10862017  Promoting the completion of environmental impact statements within two years (Blake) URL0000N/A
HB 10332017  Expanding access to the state need grant by modifying awards for students attending private four-year institutions of higher education (Manweller, Hargrove, Haler) URL2017-01-17N/A
SB 5090 (HB 1080)2017  Concerning state general obligation bonds and related accounts (Honeyford, Frockt) URL0000N/A
HB 1080 (SB 5090)2017  Concerning state general obligation bonds and related accounts (Tharinger, DeBolt) URL0000N/A
HB 10152017  Prohibiting restrictions on the carrying of a concealed pistol by persons with a valid concealed pistol license in certain facilities (Shea, Taylor, McCaslin) URL0000N/A
SB 51122017  Investing in education and other vital public services by narrowing or eliminating tax preferences, making administrative revenue changes, and redirecting existing revenue sources (Braun, Ranker, Hunt) URL0000N/A
SB 50922017  Designating the revenue from the sales and use tax on feminine hygiene products to the women helping women grant program (Wilson) URL0000N/A
SB 50272017  Concerning distributed generation (McCoy, Rolfes, Chase, Keiser) URL0000N/A
HB 11582017  Restoring the fair treatment of underserved groups in public employment, education, and contracting (Santos, Jinkins, Stanford) URL0000N/A
SB 50352017  Concerning patients' access to investigational medical products (Pedersen, Rivers, Cleveland) URL0000N/A
SB 50652017  Concerning government performance and accountability (Miloscia, Zeiger) URL0000N/A
SB 50742017  Aligning eligibility for the college bound scholarship program with the state need grant program (Frockt) URL0000N/A
SB 50722017  Concerning graduate medical education (Keiser, Rivers, Conway) URL0000N/A
SB 50712017  Concerning family medicine residency application criteria (Keiser, Rivers, Conway) URL0000N/A
SB 50842017  Providing women with timely information regarding their breast health (Rolfes, Angel, Hasegawa) URL0000N/A
SB 5022 (HB 1057)2017  Providing information to students about education loans (Bailey, Rolfes) URL0000N/A
HB 1057 (SB 5022)2017  Providing information to students about education loans (Orwall, Shea, Pollet) URL2017-01-17N/A
HB 11692017  Enacting the student opportunity, assistance, and relief act (Orwall, Pollet, Appleton) URL0000N/A
HB 11022017  Concerning technology-enhanced government surveillance (Taylor, Goodman, Shea) URL0000N/A
HB 10492017  Concerning unmanned aircraft (Morris) URL2017-01-10N/A
HB 11212017  Concerning the frequency of Puget Sound action agenda implementation strategy and science work plan updates (Muri, Fitzgibbon, Short) URL2017-01-19N/A
SB 51092017  Requiring the senate committee on commerce, labor and sports to approve certain athletic department budgets (Baumgartner, Billig) URL0000N/A
SB 50572017  Authorizing the removal of an adjudicative proceeding to the office of administrative hearings (Dansel) URL0000N/A
HB 10832017  Creating an exemption from the intents and affidavits requirements when paying prevailing wages (Manweller, Condotta) URL0000N/A
HB 1115 (SB 5070)2017  Concerning paraeducators (Bergquist, Muri, Ortiz-Self) URL0000N/A
SB 5070 (HB 1115)2017  Concerning paraeducators (Rivers, Mullet, Braun) URL0000N/A
HB 11072017  Eliminating the term "branch" as an identifying factor for extensions of the public institutions of higher education (Haler, Wylie, Riccelli) URL0000N/A
SB 50282017  Requiring teacher preparation programs to integrate Native American curriculum developed by the office of the superintendent of public instruction into existing Pacific Northwest history and government requirements (McCoy, Billig) URL0000N/A
SB 50662017  Concerning state budgeting through zero-based budget reviews (Miloscia, Rivers, Zeiger) URL0000N/A
HB 11142017  Exempting certain leasehold interests in performing arts facilities or arenas from the leasehold excise tax (Fey, Frame) URL0000N/A
SB 5048 (HB 1067)2017  Making 2017-2019 fiscal biennium operating appropriations (Braun, Ranker) URL0000N/A
SB 5047 (HB 1068)2017  Making 2017 supplemental operating appropriations (Braun, Ranker) URL0000N/A
HB 10082017  Concerning the acquisition of land by state natural resources agencies (Shea, Taylor, Short) URL0000N/A
HB 10072017  Accommodating the civil rights of religious objectors to mandatory payments to labor organizations (Shea, Taylor, McCaslin) URL0000N/A
SB 50172017  Requiring that student loan information be provided to students (Bailey, Wilson) URL0000N/A
HB 10472017  Protecting the public's health by creating a system for safe and secure collection and disposal of unwanted medications (Peterson) URL0000N/A
HB 10062017  Protecting the right to work (Shea, Taylor McCaslin) URL0000N/A
HB 10112017  Allowing the use of gender-segregated facilities (Taylor, Shea, McCaslin) URL0000N/A
HB 10262017  Requiring the submission of a waiver to the federal government to create the Washington health security trust (Appleton, Tharinger, Robinson) URL0000N/A
HB 10052017  Creating accountability in agency rule-making authority (Taylor, Orcutt, Shea) URL0000N/A
HB 1000 (SB 5000)2017  Concerning the use of deadly force by law enforcement and corrections officers (Doglio) URL0000N/A
SB 5000 (HB 1000)2017  Concerning the use of deadly force by law enforcement and corrections officers (McCoy) URL0000N/A