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P&B is providing this system so that departments and leaders across the University can be aware of pending legislation in the capitol that may affect them and their department.

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All Bills

BillSessionStatusTitleLeg URLUW Position
HB 10462015  Concerning East Asian medicine practitioners (Tharinger, Harris, Van De Wege, Manweller, Rodne, Moeller, Clibborn, G. Hunt) URLN/A
HB 1047 (companion SB 5020)2015  Concerning state agencies continuity of operations planning requirements (Goodman, Haler, Moscoso, Appleton, Klippert) URLN/A
HB 10452015  Concerning the practice of East Asian medicine (Tharinger, Harris, Van De Wege) URLN/A
SB 5020 (companion HB 1047)2015  Concerning state agencies continuity of operations planning requirements (Bailey, McCoy, Hobbs, Pedersen) URLN/A
HB 10442015  Increasing the regulatory oversight and accountability of the office of minority and women's business enterprises (Santos, Morris, Smith) URLN/A
SB 50102015  Restoring funding to the health professional loan repayment and scholarship program fund (Frockt) URLN/A
HB 10062015  Providing damages for wage violations (Sawyer, G. Hunt, Dunshee) URLN/A
HB 10082015  Authorizing the state auditor to conduct audits of state government and local agencies' data storage and management practices thereby protecting privacy and securing personal information from computer hacking or misuse of data (Smith, Hudgins) URLN/A
HB 10382015  Extending apprenticeship utilization requirements (Moeller, Appleton) URLN/A
HB 10312015  Expanding participation in college in the high school programs (Johnson, Santos, Haler) URLN/A
HB 10202015  Concerning the medical use of cannabis. (Appleton) URLN/A
HB 10302015  Creating the Washington advance higher education loan program. (Johnson, Sells, Haler) URLN/A