Concerning notice of charity care availability at time of billing and collection (Jinkins, Harris, Macri)

See companion.

The substitute bill: (1) removes the requirement that the statement be included in written communications that concern collection of a hospital bill; (2) removes requirements that the statement be prominently set out at the beginning of the document, in at least 12-point font, and in bold font; (3) modifies the wording of the Notification statement; (4) narrows the translation requirement from requiring that the statement also be in Spanish and other languages and alternative formats when the need is reasonably known, to requiring that the statement be included in the non-English language most commonly spoken by the nonEnglish speaking population in the hospital's service area; and (5) removes the requirement that the statement be included and translated in all oral communications concerning billing or collection of a hospital bill.

Hearing Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2017 -- 3:30 pm

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