Implementing a comprehensive approach to suicide prevention and behavioral health in higher education (Orwall, Stambaugh, Blake)

Repeals the July 2017 expiration date for the mental health and suicide prevention in higher education task force and provides a new July 2019 expiration date for the task force. Declares an intent to implement task force recommendations.
Requires the department of health to: (1) In collaboration with the student achievement council, develop a statewide resource for behavioral health and suicide prevention for postsecondary institutions; and
(2) Establish the components of the statewide resource by working with the task force and other entities or persons that the department and the task force deem appropriate.

Creates the suicide prevention in higher education grant program to provide funding for postsecondary institutions to develop basic infrastructure and strategic plans to support behavioral health promotion and suicide prevention.

The substitute bill corrects a codification error

Hearing Date: Tuesday, February 07, 2017 -- 8:00 am

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