Concerning the removal of payment credentials and other sensitive data from state data networks (Smith, Hudgins)

Prohibits state agencies from storing payment credentials on state data systems. Requires payment credentials, collected on behalf of a state agency to process payments for the agency, to be accepted and stored by a third-party institution. Requires state agencies that currently store payment credentials to work with the office of the state chief information officer to eliminate that data from state data systems by July 1, 2020.

EFFECT OF SUBSTITUTE: The committee added a null and void clause, making the bill null and void unless funded in the budget.

(1) Removes the null and void clause. (2) Prohibits a third party institution that stores payment credentials collected on behalf of an agency from transferring, selling, trading, monetizing, or otherwise sharing any stored data, unless required by law.

SENATE COMMITTEE (State Government, Tribal Relations & Elections) STRIKER AMENDMENT
Allows third-party institutions to transfer or share payment credentials for the sole purpose of processing payments on behalf of the agency or the agency customer.

Hearing Date: Monday, February 19, 2018 -- 6:00 pm

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