Concerning nondefault termination provisions in state land leases for agricultural or grazing purposes (Brown, Warnick, Honeyford)

Requires a nondefault termination provision included in a state land lease for agricultural or grazing purposes to:
(1) Require advance written notice of at least one hundred eighty days by the department of natural resources to the lessee before termination of the lease; and
(2) Require the department to provide written documentation to the lessee demonstrating that the department has included the leased land in a plan for higher and better use, land exchange, or sale.

Adds early termination to the requirement that Department of Natural Resources (DNR) provide at least 180 days advance written notice and include certain written documentation regarding the termination in any non-default or early termination provision included in an agricultural or grazing state land lease.

Hearing Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2017 -- 8:00 am

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