Concerning persons and entities to whom the department of health may provide prescription monitoring program data (Robinson, Harris, Cody)

Authorizes the department of health to provide data in
the prescription monitoring program to the following:
(1) Personnel of the department for assessing prescribing practices, including controlled substances-related mortality and morbidity, and providing quality improvement feedback to providers;
(2) The local health officer of a local health jurisdiction for patient follow-up and care coordination following a ontrolled substance overdose event; and
(3) The coordinated care electronic tracking program.

Requires the department of health to: (1) Provide
certain facilities, entities, and provider groups with
certain prescriber information; (2) In consultation with the state hospital association, the state medical association, and the state health care authority, to determine what prescriber information will be provided; and (3) Provide dispenser or prescriber data and data that includes indirect patient identifiers to the state hospital association for use solely in connection with its coordinated quality improvement program.

The substitute bill:
-provides Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) access to the Director of the Health Care Authority or his or her designee for Medicaid clients and mental health and substance use disorder facilities;
-requires certain facilities, entities, and provider groups to fully integrate their electronic health records with the PMP; and
-requires the facilities, entities, and groups to submit Annual progress reports to the Department of Health.

The Appropriations Committee recommended that a null and void clause be added, making the provisions null and void unless funded in the budget.

Hearing Date: Tuesday, March 21, 2017 -- 10:00 am

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