Expanding college bound scholarship eligibility (Bergquist, Stambaugh, McBride)

Revises requirements for eligibility in the college
bound scholarship program.

The eighth grade is added to when a student may become eligible for the CBS, and it is clarified that students are to be notified of their eligibility for the CBS in the seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth grades.

The Appropriations Committee recommended removing the expansion of income eligibility to 125 percent of state median family income (MFI) for the College Bound Scholarship (CBS), including the community and technical college award rates for students with family incomes between 65 to 125 percent MFI.
The income eligibility for the CBS was increased to 70 percent of the state MFI.
The timing of when a student who qualifies for free or reduced-price lunches in the ninth or tenth grade may sign the CBS pledge was delayed until the 2018-19 academic year for tenth graders.
A null and void clause was added, making the bill null and void unless funded in the budget.

EFFECT OF HOUSE FLOOR AMENDMENT: Removes the expanded 70 percent income eligibility threshold for the College Bound Scholarship (CBS) and maintains the current income eligibility threshold of 65 percent. Codifies current budgetary language that prioritizes CBS students for the State Need Grant and expands the prioritization to those CBS eligible students with family incomes up to 70 percent of median family income.

3RD SUBSTITUTE (Appropriations) COMPARED TO 2ND SUBSTITUTE (Appropriations)
(1) Expands a student's initial eligibility for the College Bound Scholarship (CBS) to the seventh and eighth grade, rather than just the seventh grade. (2) Allows eligible students to sign a CBS pledge in the ninth grade or tenth grade, beginning in the 2018-19 academic year, if they were previously ineligible in the seventh or eighth grade as a Washington student. (3) Prioritizes eligible CBS students for the State Need Grant who have family incomes in the 0–70 percent medium family income range.

Hearing Date: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 -- 8:00 am

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