Addressing prescription drug cost transparency (Robinson, Johnson, Harris)

see companion.

1ST SUBSTITUTE COMPARED TO ORIGINAL (Committee on Health Care and Welness):
With respect to issuer reporting, the substitute bill adds requirements that issuers report their total spending on the 25 most frequently prescribed drugs and enrollee spending on prescription drugs. It also requires the analysis of the impact of prescription drug costs to be compared to other health care costs.

With respect to manufacturer reporting, the substitute bill removes reporting requirements for drugs that will be introduced to the market. It modifies the information that must be reported by removing itemized costs, pricing in Canada, and the manufacturer's profit attributable to the drug and by adding the length of time the drug has been on the market and whether the drug is generic or brand name. It also requires the justification of the price increase to be an economic justification.

With respect to the data organization's report, the substitute bill requires the report to demonstrate the impact of prescription drug costs as compared to other health care costs. The substitute bill also adds the Health Care Authority reporting requirement and modifies the findings and several definitions.

The Appropriations Committee recommended the addition of a null and void clause

Hearing Date: Monday, February 19, 2018 -- 10:00 am

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