Implementing family and medical leave insurance (Robinson, Doglio, Senn)

Allows workers to:
(1) Care for family members with a serious health condition or to recover from their own serious health condition; and
(2) Deal with exigencies arising out of the military service of a family member.

Requires the employment security department to:
(1)Establish and administer a family and medical leave insurance program; and
(2) Pay family and medical leave insurance benefits. Changes the name of the family leave insurance account to the family and medical leave insurance account.

Provides paid leave for individuals for own or family member's serious health condition/military exigency in addition to leave for child's birth or placement. Provides 26 weeks of leave for childbirth/placement, family member's serious health condition, or military exigency; and 12 weeks for individual's own serious health condition. Changes eligibility from 680 hours in qualifying year to 340 hours. Bases benefits on wages and specifies that employers may deduct one-half of premiums from employee wages.

Hearing Date: Thursday, February 09, 2017 -- 3:30 pm

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