Adding training on public works and prevailing wage requirements to responsible bidder criteria (Doglio, Sells, Gregerson)

Requires a bidder, before award of a public works contract, to also meet the following responsibility criteria to be considered a responsible bidder and qualified to be awarded a public works project: Have attended training from the department of labor and industries or a training program approved by the department relating to the requirements associated with public works and prevailing wage under chapters 39.04 and 39.12 RCW.

The substitute bill: (1) adds the exemption from training; (2) requires the bidder to specify a person(s) to receive the training; (3) requires the training to be "received" rather than "attended;" (4) specifies the four hour length of the training; (5) adds the provisions on records and reliance on records; and (6) adds the effective date and null and void clauses

Hearing Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2017 -- 1:30 pm

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