Adding training on public works and prevailing wage requirements to responsible bidder criteria (Conway, Hasegawa, Keiser)

Requires a bidder, before award of a public works contract, to also meet the following responsibility criteria to be considered a responsible bidder and qualified to be awarded a public works project: Have attended training from the department of labor and industries or a training program approved by the department relating to the requirements associated with public works and prevailing wage under chapters 39.04 and 39.12 RCW.

The substitute (1) adds an exemption from training for bidders that have completed three or more public works projects and have had a valid business license in Washington for three or more years. (2) Requires the training be received rather than attended. (3) Requires a bidder to designate the person receiving training. (4) Specifies a four hour length of training. (5) Adds provisions regarding records of the training and reliance on the records. (6) Adds an effective date and a null and void clause.

Hearing Date: Thursday, January 11, 2018 -- 1:30 pm

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