Concerning electronic product recycling (Peterson, Lovick, Kagi)

See companion.

• Penalties issued under hazardous waste management laws to a processor of covered electronic products must be deposited in the Electronic Products Recycling Account.
• Changes to the membership of the board of the WMMFA are eliminated. The WMMFA procurement of goods and services is no longer required to be consistent with policies and procedures that apply to state agencies. The requirement that the WMMFA publish unsuccessful contractor bids in its annual report to the ECY is eliminated, but the requirement that they publish successful contract rates and allocated product volumes as part of the annual report is retained. The requirement that the WMMFA review its service contracts and adjust its contract rates and volumes twice per year is eliminated. A processor, collector, or transporter that willfully violated, after July 1, 2017, electronic waste recycling requirements is precluded from obtaining preferred participant status, but only if that business has previously been penalized by the ECY for covered electronic product hazardous waste or electronic waste recycling program violations.

EFFECT OF STRIKER AMENDMENT: Clarifies suspensions for willful violations are prospective and modifies the violations that may result in a suspension. Removes reporting requirements for contracted rates and volumes. Removes provisions related to the deposit of penalties.

Hearing Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 -- 8:00 am

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