Concerning notice of material changes to the operations or governance structure of a health care provider or provider organization (Jinkins, Caldier, Cody)

Requires each party to a transaction that results in a
material change to the operations or governance structure of
a provider or provider organization to submit written notice
to the attorney general of the material change.

Requires a provider or provider organization that
conducts business in this state, and files a premerger
notification with the federal trade commission or the United
States department of justice, to provide written notification
to the attorney general of the filing and, upon request of
the attorney general, provide a copy of the merger,
acquisition, or other information.

(1) Removes from various definitions and requirements in the bill the language "but not be limited to" in describing the meaning of the terms or the scope of the requirements. For example, the written notice of a material change "must include" certain information, rather than "must include, but not be limited to" certain information. (2) Removes the definition of "health care professional" and revises the definitions of "acquisition" and "health care services" to remove references to "health care professional" in those definitions. (3) Revises the requirement that a party indicate whether "any changes to health care services are anticipated" to instead require an indication of whether "any changes to the health care services offered by the filing parties are known or reasonably anticipated." (4) Revises the requirement for a party to identify "anticipated impacts" of a proposed change to instead identify "known or reasonably anticipated impacts" of a proposed change. (5) Clarifies language around the proposed changes involving out-of-state providers that may be considered a material change.

Hearing Date: Thursday, January 18, 2018 -- 1:30 pm

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