Concerning education (Braun, Rivers, Fain)

Revises education provisions with regard to: The weighted per pupil funding model; local effort levy; local excess levy authority for calendar year 2020 and thereafter; providing a one-year delay in the levy lid reduction; compensation and salary; housing allowance; national board for professional teaching standards bonus; state-funded extended year contracts; health care benefits; measures of a school district's success; accountability through improved accounting transparency; providing flexibility to school districts; recognizing school districts meeting the performance targets; addressing school districts not meeting the performance targets; establishing the top teacher recognition grant program; conforming future collective bargaining agreements to this act; prohibiting teacher strikes; student absenteeism; technical amendments to align statutes with the per pupil funding distribution model and recognizing and rewarding school districts that meet the measures of success; education sector excellence assessment framework; and authority to remove teachers that are detrimental to student academic performance. Provides for submission of this act to a vote of the people

-Makes a technical correction to the alternative learning experience statute to reference the new formula.
-Removes a sentence specifying that school districts receiving the housing allowance must increase the compensation of staff by the amount of the allowance.
-Includes career and technical education and apprenticeship programs in the measure of success that requires at least 93 percent of students who enroll in a post-secondary program to have the educational background necessary to bypass remedial coursework
-Changes the term supplemental contract to extended year contract to align terminology with the rest of the bill.
-Restores the word "allocation" to clarify that the state salary schedule in place through 2017-18 school year is still for allocation purposes only.
-Makes a technical correction to restore the current law in section 503(3)(b).
-Makes the following changes with respect to paraeducator law: adopts statewide minimum employee standards for paraeducators; establishes a paraeducator advisory board to administer policies and rules for paraeducator reparation, certification, and training; provides for volunteer school districts to field test new paraeducator programs; requires school districts to begin implementing the paraeducator certification and professional development standards; requires the professional educator standards board to design and implement a training program for teachers and principals as it relates to their role working with paraeducators; requires the development of an advanced paraeducator endorsement, training modules, and renewal process; adds new standards to the paraeducator associate of arts degree and community and technical college apprenticeship program requirements; directs the Institute for Public Policy to conduct a study on the effectiveness of paraeducators in improving student outcomes; and requires the paraeducator advisory board to include one representative from a private school.

Hearing Date: Monday, February 06, 2017 -- 3:30 pm

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