Requiring public employee collective bargaining sessions to be open meetings (Wilson, Bruan, Rossi)

Requires public employee collective bargaining sessions involving contract negotiations to be open to the public. Allows for videotaping of sessions in lieu of firsthand observation provided that video is made available online within 24 hours.

Provisions requiring public sector collective bargaining
negotiations be conducted in open meetings are removed.A requirement is added for public employers, every two weeks until an agreement is adopted, to submit current written proposals to the governing body of the public employer or, for state employees, the Joint Committee on Employment Relations. The proposals must be made available to the public. A public employer must also submit copies of its collective bargaining agreement to PERC.

A provision is added that requires public employers, other than the state of Washington, to prepare a fiscal impact analysis of any proposed final collective bargaining agreement. The fiscal impact statement must be presented at the public meeting considering adoption of the final agreement

A provision is added providing that written proposals suggesting new terms to a bargaining agreement that are presented to, or received from, a union are not exempt from the Public Records Act.

The Joint Committee on Employment Relations is required to, during years collecting bargaining agreements are negotiated, meet twice a year to review the proposals submitted under the act and make recommendations to the Governor.

Hearing Date: Monday, February 06, 2017 -- 1:30 pm

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