Concerning ensuring fairness and compliance with public works and procurement practices (Gregerson, Santos)

Requires the office of minority and women's business enterprises to identify state agencies and educational institutions: (1) In the lowest quintile of utilization of minority and women-owned contractors as a percentage of all contracts issued by the agency; (2) In the lowest quintile of the dollar value awarded to minority and women-owned contractors as a percentage of the dollar value of all contracts issued by the agency; and (3) That are performing significantly below their established goals, as determined by the office. Establishes an investigation unit within the office for the purpose of detecting and investigating fraud and violations. Repeals the attorney general's authority to investigate and enforce compliance with regard to contracts with minority and women-owned businesses. Requires the department of enterprise services to work with the municipal research and services center to notify local governments that are authorized to use small works rosters of this authority and to provide guidance on how to use the authority. Requires the joint legislative audit and review committee to review implementation of changes to small works roster and limited public works processes. Modifies small works roster contract procedures and the limited public works process.

The substitute bill: (1) retains current notice of completion requirements for limited publicworks projects where retainage is not waived, which requires the Department of Revenue, Employment Security Department, and Department of Labor and Industries to certify, upon completion of a contract of over $35,000, that the contractor has paid all taxes, increases, and penalties due before retained funds are released; (2) requires that an Affidavit of Wages Paid be filed before final payment or project acceptance is given when retainage or bonding requirements are waived in every instance of public works projects, not only in instances where retainage or bonding requirements are waived for public improvement contracts funded in whole or in part by federal transportation funds; (3) allows the Employment Security Department and the Department of Labor and Industries to collect and recover taxes, House Bill Report - 6 - HB 1897 increases, and penalties due for limited public-works projects, in instances where retainage has been waived by state agencies or local governments; and (4) makes the JLARC report on changes to the small-works and limited public-works processes due December 1, 2019, rather than December 1, 2018.

Hearing Date: Wednesday, January 10, 2018 -- 8:00 am

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