Authorizing the use of automated license plate recognition systems (Appleton, Taylor, Ryu)

Authorizes the following to use an automated license plate recognition system: (1) A law enforcement agency or parking enforcement agency for locating vehicles on a watch
(2) A parking enforcement agency for enforcing time restrictions on parking spaces;
(3) A transportation agency for providing real time traffic information to the public; and
(4) An agency for controlling access to secured areas. Allows an automated license plate recognition system to be used as a component of a photo toll system or an automated traffic safety camera.

The substitute bill broadens the allowable use of an ALPRS by transportation agencies to include traffic modeling and traffic studies. It also modifies the allowable use of data from an ALPRS by transportation agencies to allow the computing of travel times and traffic studies and allows such data to be retained for 60 days rather than four hours. Finally, the substitute bill allows transportation agencies to use an ALPRS for commercial vehicle systems at the WSP enforcement sites and weigh stations, while placing restrictions on the use and retention of the data.

Hearing Date: Monday, February 20, 2017 -- 1:30 pm

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