Creating a local pathway for local governments, school districts, and nonprofit organizations to provide more high quality early learning opportunities by reducing barriers and increasing efficiency (Billig, Fain, Rolfes)

Substitute bill summary to be added when available.

Original bill did not include higher education:
Requires the department of early learning to create a local pathway to high quality early learning to help local governments, school districts, nonprofit organizations, and early learning providers use additional local and/or private funds to expand access, increase quality, and extend hours for existing early care and education programs.
Prohibits grants and contributions from community sources from supplanting the funding required for the full statewide implementation of the early learning program.

-The purposes for local governments, school districts, institutions of higher education, and nonprofit organizations to contribute funds to early care and education programs are changed from expanding access, increasing slots, increasing quality, and extending hours to expanding access and eligibility in ECEAP.
-Clarifies that children enrolled in ECEAP with the contribution of local funds are not considered part of the state-funded entitlement program.
-Removes the requirement that DEL create a local pathway that includes a needs assessment, funding tool, training, and technical assistance to help entities use local or private funds.
-Adds language specifying that, to the greatest extent possible, DEL must reduce barriers and increase efficiency for using local or private funds to provide more high quality early learning opportunities.

Hearing Date: Monday, April 03, 2017 -- 1:30 pm

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