Limiting disclosure of information about the religious affiliation of individuals (Stanford, Fitzgibbon, Ortiz-Self)

Prohibits employers, state or local government agencies or public employees, and state and local law enforcement agencies from providing, collecting, disclosing, and/or requiring the disclosure of information on the religious belief, practice, or affiliation of an individual. Exempts the following from disclosure under the public records act: Records that relate to or contain personally identifying information about an individual's religious beliefs, practices, or affiliation.

EFFECTS: Makes changes with respect to what constitutes an unfair practice with respect to employer inquiries about religion, making it an unfair practice to require an employee to disclose "his or her sincerely held religious affiliation or beliefs" (rather than "information about his or her religious affiliation"), unless the disclosure is for the purpose of providing a religious accommodation "at the request of the employee"(rather than for the purpose of providing a religious accommodation "for the employee").

Hearing Date: Tuesday, February 14, 2017 -- 10:00 am

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