Concerning the addition of services for long-term placement of mental health patients in community settings that voluntarily contract to provide the services (Schmick, Cody, Ormsby)

Revises the community mental health services act with regard to the insufficient capacity at eastern and western state hospitals to meet current and growing demand for services and patients. Requires the department of social and health services and the entities identified in RCW 71.24.310 and 71.24.380 (sections 2 and 3 of this act) to: (1) Work with willing community hospitals to assess their capacity to become certified to provide long-term mental health placements and to meet the requirements of the community mental health services act; and (2) Enter into contracts and payment arrangements with the hospitals choosing to provide long-term mental health placements.

Allows evaluation and treatment facilities to provide treatment to adults on 90- and 180-day involuntary commitment orders and contract with behavioral health organizations to provide that treatment to the same extent as community hospitals. Clarifies that the requirement that behavioral health organizations contract with facilities certified to provide long-term inpatient treatment in the community is only applicable to the extent that willing certified facilities are available. Allows hospitals, without having to contract or become certified, to treat adults who are subject to a 90- or 180-day involuntary commitment order if they are waiting for placement at the state hospital or a certified facility that voluntarily contracts to provide treatment to patients on a 90- or 180-day involuntary commitment order. Directs the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) to adopt reporting requirements for facilities certified to provide long-term mental health placements so that the performance of the certified facilities may be monitored and compared with the performance of the state hospitals. Requires the measures to align with data reported to the select committee on quality improvement in state hospitals, including length of stay, outcomes after discharge, employee-related measures, and demographic information. Provides for consistent agency designations in the event that either HB 1388 or SB 5259, relating to transferring responsibilities for behavioral health services from the DSHS to the Health Care Authority and the Department of Health, is enacted.

Replaces the bill with similar provisions from ESSB 5894. Differences between bills include requiring DSHS to contract with long-term involuntary treatment facilities to provide treatment instead of requiring BHOs to contract with the facilities, requiring DSHS to establish rules for certification of such facilities, and providing authority for the entity responsible for the cost of care to designate an available facility for treatment.

Updates underlying statutory language to reflect
statutory changes that were enacted in the regular session.

Hearing Date: Monday, March 20, 2017 -- 1:30 pm

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