Improving workers' compensation system costs and administration and worker outcomes through modification of procedures for claims to self-insureds, clarification of recovery in third-party legal actions, clarification of occupational disease claims, and lowering age barriers for structured settlements (Baumgartner, Braun, Rossi)

Revises the state industrial insurance act. Adopts a series of targeted reforms to address the costsand administration of workers' compensation. Clarifies the standards for occupational disease coverage and provides injured workers with a clear time period in which an occupational disease claim must be filed.Reduces the age restriction originally placed upon eligibility for the program.States that in light of certain developments and to align with past recommendations of the joint legislative audit and review committee, the legislature intends that the department of labor and industries' role in the management of claims by self-insured employers transition from readjudication to accountability oversight, first with respect to the allowance and denial of claims and by January 1, 2019, with respect to all claims management decisions.

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