Concerning collection agency transaction fees for processing electronic payments (Angel, Mullet, Hobbs)

See companion.

-Restricts interest from accruing on nonrestitution legal financial obligations until an offender’s date of release from custody.
-Prohibits partial or total confinement from being imposed for failure to pay legal financial obligations for amounts less than $25,000.
-Directs the Department of Corrections to provide information in writing upon release of an offender regarding the amount of legal financial obligations owed and interest rates and charges.
-Removes nonrestitution legal financial obligations as a condition of vacating a conviction.
-Waives interest for nonrestitution legal financial obligations paid in full within 5 years.
-Directs courts, on motion by the offender, to waive interest on the nonrestitution portion of legal financial obligations if the principal has been paid in full.
-Authorizes a debt collector to charge a 2.5 percent transaction fee for credit card payments.
-Adds notification provisions currently under federal law that a debt collector must send to a debtor.
-Adds proof of debt provisions that a debt collector must provide to a debtor before seeking a default judgement.

Hearing Date: Thursday, January 19, 2017 -- 8:00 am

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