Concerning freedom of expression rights of students at public schools and institutions of higher education (Fain, Rolfes, Rivers)

States that public high school students and students at institutions of higher education have the right to exercise freedom of speech and freedom of the press in school-sponsored media.

-Removes language explicitly providing that public high school students have the right of freedom of speech and of the press in school-sponsored media.
-Makes changes to protections for student media advisers.
-Provides that school officials may only prohibit student expression that meet certain specified criteria.
-Adds that political expression by students in school-sponsored media may not be deemed the use of public funds for political purposes.
-Removes language granting students and parents the right of civil action for injunctive or declaratory relief, and instead provides that students may file an appeal
as provided in statute.
-Removes language providing that if a school official interferes with or alters the content of student expression then the school may be held responsible in any civil or
criminal action.
-Makes the provision that a school policy include reasonable time, place, and manner rules permissive, rather than mandatory

(1) For common schools: (a) Allows for the restriction of expression that violates or incites students to violate federal or state laws, rules, or regulations. (b) Allows for the restriction of expression that violates school district policy or procedure related to harassment, intimidation, bullying, or discrimination. (c) Clarifies that any expression that violates the Federal Communications Act is prohibited.(2) For public institutions of higher education, provides that expression that so incites students as to create a clear and present danger of the violation of lawful school policies and procedures, in addition to lawful school regulations, is prohibited.

Adds an intent section.

Hearing Date: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 -- 8:00 am

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