Concerning patients' access to investigational medical products (Pedersen, Rivers, Cleveland)

Authorizes an eligible patient and his or her treating physician to request that a manufacturer make an
investigational product available for treatment of the patient.

-Requires a patient to attempt to participate in a clinical trial for the investigational product before seeking the product under the bill.
For Health care facilities and hospitals:
Ÿ-may establish policies on treating, administering, or providing investigational products to patients and they are not required to pay for the investigational product or
for any harm caused a result of the product's use;
-are immune from liability if a patient is administered an investigational product on its premises and they are otherwise in compliance with the bill; and
-are not liable if they prohibit investigational products at its facility or for providing care with an investigational product.

Establishes protection from unprofessional conduct for health care practitioners who refuse to recommend, request, prescribe, or provide an investigational product. Expands the immunity from civil, criminal, and administrative actions for health care practitioners who refuse to recommend or request an investigational product by removing the limitation on the practitioner's denial being based on a belief that there are more effective treatments or the treatment is not likely to be effective.

Hearing Date: Sunday, January 15, 2017 -- 1:30 pm

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