Concerning central service functions, powers, and duties of state government (Braun)

Transfers powers, duties, and functions of the department of enterprise services, regarding human resources functions, to the office of financial management.
Provides additional oversight of the procurement and contracting for information technology goods and services by the state chief information officer within the consolidated technology services agency.
Transfers certain powers and duties of the department of enterprise services, regarding information technology procurement functions, to the office of the state chief information officer.
Requires the department to consult with the office when it makes information technology goods and services available to ensure consistency with standards and policies to govern information technology as established by the office.
Requires the office of financial management to evaluate:
(1) Opportunities for colocating and consolidating state facilities in the same geographic area; and
(2) The impact colocation would have on the cost and delivery of agency programs, including whether program delivery would be enhanced due to the centralization of services.
Creates the information technology investment account and provides funds in the account solely for the information technology projects provided in the omnibus appropriations act.

-With the exception of the IT Investment Account, provisions related to modifying IT functions between DES and CTS are removed.
-Creation of IT Investment Account is made immediately upon passage of bill.
-Requires an annual report on OFM’s state agency contract review activities..

Hearing Date: Friday, March 31, 2017 -- 1:30 pm

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