Concerning paraeducators (Rivers, Mullet, Braun)

Provides the minimum employment standards for a paraeducator who works in the special education program, the basic education program, the learning assistance program, the federal disadvantaged program, and English language learner programs.
Requires school districts to begin implementing the paraeducator certification for paraeducators working in the programs.
Requires the professional educator standards board to
design and implement a training program for teachers and principals as it relates to their role working with
Requires the state institute for public policy to conduct a study on the effectiveness of paraeducators in improving student outcomes.
Requires the office of the superintendent of public instruction and the education data center to provide the data necessary to conduct an analysis.

Maintains substantial similar provisions related to: Statewide minimum employment requirements for paraeducators, elements of the paraeducator standards, field testing of the new paraeducator programs, fees for paraeducator certificates, training for teachers and principals as it relates to their role working with paraeducators, adding standards to the paraeducator associate of arts degree and apprenticeship program requirements, and a study on the effectiveness of paraeducators in improving outcomes. Specifies that to be eligible for a general paraeducator certificate a paraeducator must complete a four-day fundamental course of study and ten days of general courses on the state paraeducator standards of practice. Provides that paraeducators are not required to meet these general paraeducator certificate requirements unless amounts are appropriated for the courses. Requires that, beginning September 1, 2019, and subject to funding, school districts must: (1) Provide paraeducators with general courses on the standards of practice, and (2) ensure all paraeducators meet the general certification requirements within three years of completing the four-day fundamental course of study. Adds members to the Paraeducator Board, includes provisions related to filling vacancies and removing members, and changes the administrator to the Professional Educator Standards Board, rather than the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Requires the Paraeducator Board to approve, and develop if necessary, courses required to meet the provisions of this chapter, by September 1, 2018. Adds that the Superintendent of Public Instruction must act as the administrator of any Paraeducator Board rules and have the power to issue any paraeducator certificates and revoke the same in accordance with these rules. Makes the endorsements in special education and English language learner optional rather than a requirement for paraeducators in those programs, and names them subject matter certificates. Specifies that to be eligible for an advanced paraeducator certificate, rather than an endorsement, a paraeducator must complete seventy-five hours of professional development in topics related to the duties of an advanced paraeducator. Expands the Pipeline for Paraeducators and the Alternative Route to Teaching Certificate Route One.

EFFECT OF HOUSE APPROP COMMITTEE AMENDMENT: Delays the effective date of the paraeducator minimum
employment requirements by one year to September 1, 2018.

Hearing Date: Saturday, April 01, 2017 -- 9:00 am

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