Concerning personal information privacy protections in government entities

Section 1 adds language stating that each state government agency needs to designate an agency privacy officer who will develop an agency personal information minimization policy, create a work plan, and report this work. Agency privacy officers must complete a training course provided by the state office of privacy and data protection on privacy best practices. Any inventory or data map records that reveal the location of personal information or the extent to which it is protected may not be disclosed under the public records act.
Section 2 adds language stating that a governmental entity is prohibited from selling: (1) Personal financial and health information; and (2) Personal identification numbers issued by a government entity.
Section 3 is amended to add a disclosure exemption for personal information inventory or data map records that reveal the location of personal information.

(1) Permits the Department of Licensing (DOL) to charge a fee for medical history information in abstract drivers records. (2) Requires DOL to report to the legislature every two years on implementation and operation of its inventory and map of personal information. (3) Requires DOL to charge an additional amount to the fee for abstract driver's records, to the extent necessary to fund the department's privacy officer functions and the biennial reporting requirement. (4) Prohibits any governmental entity from furnishing, free of charge, any personal financial and heath information and any personal identification numbers issued by a government entity. (5) Prohibits the Department of Licensing from releasing the abstract of a driver's record to be used for a commercial purpose.

Hearing Date: Monday, February 05, 2018 -- 1:30 pm

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