Regulating contracts by institutions of higher education with private entities (Ranker, Palumbo, Darneille)

Prohibits an institution of higher education from entering into a contract with a private entity for the purposes of acting as a third-party payer, a professional employer organization, or other type of employer representative on behalf of the institution, to the employment security department.

Specifies that public institutions of higher education may not contract with private entities to: (1) Respond on behalf of the institution to written requests by the Department of Employment Security (ESD) for information relating to an individual's claim; (2) file appeals and petitions for review on behalf of the institution regarding an individual's right to benefits; or (3) represent the institution on appeals involving an individual's right to benefits.

Specifies that the bill does not preclude an institution from contracting with private entities for other services. Adds the provision in the unemployment insurance statutes.

Hearing Date: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 -- 8:00 am

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