Concerning electric-assisted bicycles (Kilduff, Stambaugh, Chapman)

Modifies electric-assisted bicycle provisions with regard to: Permanently affixed stamps from the manufacturer or distributor; driver's license not required for operation; and prohibitions on where they may be driven. Requires an electric-assisted bicycle's electric motor to have a power output of no more than seven hundred fifty watts and meet the requirements of either a class 1 electricassisted bicycle, class 2 electric-assisted bicycle or class 3 electric-assisted bicycle.

(1) Allows state agencies to restrict or otherwise limit the access of electric-assisted bicycles and motorized foot scooters. (2) Allows local jurisdictions to regulate the use of electric-assisted bicycles and motorized foot scooters on facilities and properties under their jurisdiction and control. (3) Prohibits electric-assisted bicycles from operating on a trail specifically designated as non-motorized unless a local jurisdiction or state agency with jurisdiction over a trail allows their operation.

Hearing Date: Wednesday, January 31, 2018 -- 3:30 pm

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