Expanding the activities of the children's mental health services consultation program (Brown, Frockt, Carlyle)

Requires the state health care authority, in collaboration with the University of Washington department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and Seattle Children's Hospital to implement a program called the partnership access line for moms and kids to: (1) Support primary care providers in the assessment and provision of appropriate diagnosis and treatment of children with mental and behavioral health disorders; (2) Support obstetricians, pediatricians, primary care providers, mental health professionals, and other health care professionals providing care to pregnant women and new mothers, through same-day telephone consultations, in the assessment and provision of appropriate diagnosis and treatment of depression in pregnant women and new mothers; and (3) Facilitate referrals to children's mental health services and other resources for parents and guardians with concerns related to the mental health of the parent or guardian's child.

(1) Changes the Partnership Access Line (PAL) program for moms and kids to a two-year pilot. (2) Requires Health Care Authority, in collaboration with University of Washington and Seattle Children’s Hospital to provide annual reporting on program outcomes. (3) Requires Health Care Authority to enforce network adequacy and care coordination requirements in managed care contracts with regard to mental health services.

(1) Requires the Health Care Authority (HCA), rather than the HCA and the Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC), to convene, rather than consult with, a group of specified organizations to recommend: (a) An alternative funding model for the Partnership Access Line (PAL); and (b) A strategy to ensure that expanded PAL services do not duplicate existing Managed Care Organization (MCO) requirements. (2) Adds the OIC and organizations connecting families to children's mental health services and providers to the group making the recommendations.

Hearing Date: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 -- 8:00 am

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