Concerning high school and beyond plans (Ortiz-Self, Santos, Dolan)

Requires the high school and beyond plan to:
(1) Be provided to the students' parents or guardians in their native language;
(2) At a minimum, include identification of dual credit programs and the opportunities they create for students, including career and technical education programs, running start programs, and college in the high school programs and information about the college bound scholarship program; and (3) Include information about options for satisfying state and local graduation requirements and aligning with the student's secondary and postsecondary goals. Requires the office of the superintendent of public instruction to work with school districts, including teachers, principals, and school counselors, educational service districts, the Washington state school directors' association, students, and parents and guardians to identify best practices for high school and beyond plans that districts and schools may employ when complying with high school and beyond plan requirements.

The substitute bill clarifies that the language regarding the list of dual credit programs identified in provisions governing the HSBPs requirements is not exhaustive.

The requirement to provide the HSBPs to students' parents and guardians in their native language is limited by specifying that the native language must be one of the two most frequently spoken non-English languages of students in the district. In addition it specifies that districts are not prevented from providing the HSBPs to parents and guardians in additional languages.

The substitute bill adds "institutions of higher education" to the list of persons and entities that the OSPI must work with in identifying best practices for the HSBPs that districts and schools may employ

The substitute bill also requires school districts to add information about the Scholarship as an element that is part of the minimum requirements for the HSBPs.

Hearing Date: Thursday, February 22, 2018 -- 1:30 pm

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