Increasing transparency and accountability for intercollegiate athletic programs (Billig, Palumbo, Ranker)

Requires the board of trustees or regents of each state college and university to specifically approve, in an open public meeting, expenditures for or transfers made to its programs for intercollegiate athletic competition if the programs had an operating deficit in the previous fiscal year, and the expenditure or transfer is a new expenditure exceeding, a continuing expenditure that has increased by, or a transfer exceeding, one hundred thousand dollars.

(1) Requires the boards of trustees and regents to approve the annual budget for all athletics programs prior to any expenditures in the fiscal year at an open public meeting. (2) Raises the threshold for prior approval of transfers and expenditures for programs with operating deficits to $250,000. (3) Adds exceptions to the prior approval requirement when the expenditure results in a net positive gain or is to address an immediate public safety need. (4) Modifies the definition of operating deficit to mean the difference between total operating costs and revenue generated by the program plus reserves that were originally generated by the program.

Amends the definition of "operating deficit" to allow for consideration of any transfer of reserve funds when determining whether the aggregate operating costs of the program exceed the aggregated receipts and revenue directly generated by the programs.

Hearing Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 -- 1:30 pm

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