Encouraging low-water landscaping practices as a drought alleviation tool (Orville, Blake, Fitzgibbon)

Prohibits homeowner association and condominium association restrictions that limit private property owners' ability to deploy low-water landscaping techniques. Ensures that state-funded buildings achieve the highest landscaping water efficient benchmarks that are consistent with green building standards.

Associations may not restrict the installation of wildfire ignition resistant landscaping in addition to drought resistant landscaping. Definitions are provided for "drought resistant landscaping" and "wildfire resistant landscaping." Additional options are added for how state-funded major facility projects may receive water efficient landscaping credits. Elements of state-funded major facility projects that are eligible to be excluded from the project design under LEED or WSSP standards are not required to be designed and constructed to earn all possible water-efficient landscaping credits.

Hearing Date: Wednesday, January 18, 2017 -- 8:00 am

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