Expanding the access to baby and child dentistry program to serve children with disabilities (Rolfes, Cleveland, Conway)

Requires the state health care authority to: (1) Expand the access to baby and child dentistry program to include children with disabilities as eligible clients; and (2) Pay enhanced fees for program services to dentists certified to provide the services to those children. Requires children with disabilities, once enrolled in the program, to: (1) Be covered until their thirteenth birthday; and (2) Receive all services and benefits received by program clients. Requires a dentist to: (1) Be licensed to practice dentistry; and (2) Complete a course on treating children with disabilities as defined by the state health care authority in rule.

(1) Allows dental hygienists, along with dentists, to receive enhanced fees through the ABCD program for providing services to eligible children with disabilities. (2) Requires dental hygienists seeking to participate in the program to receive the same training as dentists, on treating children with disabilities. (3) Makes the program subject to appropriations. (4) Requires the Health Care Authority to report on program outcomes in December 2018 and 2019.

Hearing Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 -- 1:30 pm

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