Concerning the criminal history of applicants to institutions of higher education (Chase, Saldana, Hasegawa)

Enacts the Washington Fair Chance to Education Act.

Prohibits institutions of higher education from requesting criminal history in an initial application unless a third-party application is used.

Permits institutions of higher education to request criminal history after an applicant has otherwise been deemed qualified for admission.

Requires institutions of higher education to develop a process to evaluate the relationship between an applicant's criminal history and admissions or residency decisions to justify denial of admission or access to residency

(1) Uses the term "criminal history" rather than "criminal conviction history" for the sake of consistency, in the provision describing when an institution of higher education can inquire into an applicant's criminal background. (2) Provides that in developing their processes to determine whether an applicant's criminal history justifies denying or restricting the applicant, the institutions of higher education must consider whether the applicant was convicted of a serious violent offense or a sex offense, as defined in the Sentencing Reform Act.

Hearing Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 -- 1:30 pm

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