Architectural Commission Membership

Current Commission Members

Number of members and representation

   Nine voting members and four non-voting ex-officio members constitute the University of Washington Architectural Commission.  The board of regents appoints all nine voting academic and professional members:  the dean of the College of Built Environments or his or her designee; four design professionals; including at least two registered architects and one registered landscape architect; a representative of the University of Washington Faculty Senate recommended by the senate chair, who shall serve as vice-chair of the commission; a representative of student government jointly recommended by the president of the Associated Students of the University of Washington and the Graduate and Professional Student Senate; and two voting members-at-large from within or outside the university community, nominated by the university president.  The four non-voting ex-officio members of the commission include the senior vice president, the associate vice president for capital projects, the university architect, and the university landscape architect.

     The chair of the commission may designate additional ex-officio members as appropriate.

Terms of membership

    The board of regents will appoint each professional member for a term of four years; when the board fills a vacancy among the professional members, the appointee will serve for the remainder of the unexpired term.  The faculty and representatives and members-at-large will serve a term of two years.  Members of the commission may succeed themselves and may serve beyond the appointed term, until the board of regents appoints a successor.

     Whenever possible, the terms of professional and at-large members will be staggered, such that no two appointments expire in the same year.

Officers of the Commission - Quorum - Meetings - Procedures

  The dean of the College of Built Environments (or his or her recommended designee as approved and appointed by the board of regents) will chair the commission and preside at its meetings.  In the event the chair is absent from a regularly scheduled meeting of the commission, the vice-chair will preside.

     When and where appropriate, the chair will represent the commission at meetings of the Board of Regents Finance, Audit, and Facilities Committee (FAF), and at any other meeting where university groups, departments, or academic units seek the perspective of the commission.

     Any five voting members will constitute a quorum for the transaction of commission business.  Actions constituting commission recommendation must secure the approval of a majority of those present.

     The vice provost of planning and budgeting shall authorize appropriate compensation for the professional members.

     The University of Washington Office of the Vice Provost for Planning & Budgeting, through the agency of the university architect, will assist the commission in the coordination of its meetings and minutes, and in the preparation and dissemination of official correspondence.

     The chair of the commission, working in cooperation with the university architect, may from time to time appoint and convene sub-committees to act on behalf of the commission to expedite the timely review of major projects; review smaller projects that would not otherwise fall under the commission’s purview; and undertake special reviews of assignments of projects or the review of other issues related to the urban, architectural, and aesthetic integrity of the university.

Advisory responsibilities and referral function

     The architectural commission advises the board of regents and president on the planning and development of the university’s primary campuses, urban properties, remote facilities, and other significant environmental assets.  Its role includes recommending architectural and planning principles and policies appropriate and advantageous in guiding the physical growth, development, and conservation of the university’s buildings and grounds and their various physical settings and contexts.  Except for minor interior remodeling and renovations, the university refers all campus architectural and planning matters to the commission for its review and recommendations.


     In its meetings and deliberations the formal procedures of the commission will be governed by Robert’s Rule of Order, latest revised edition.

Conflict of interest

     Commission members or their firms are not eligible to accept design or major consulting contracts with the University of Washington on any projects during the time of their tenure on the commission.