Budgeted Salary Levels - Classified Staff

Use the information on these pages to determine the budgeted levels for classified staff, (01-60 positions) when creating or updating positions in the Budget System. All current classified positions (union and non-union) with a budgeted level, are listed here both sequentially by occupation code and alphabetically by occupation title.
If you try to create a position using an occupation code and receive an error message that the occupation code does not have a budgeted level, please let us know so we can update the listings. Please send an email to budget@u.washington.edu to request that a budgeted level be created and added to the on-line Budget System.
Occupation Code Listing by Title (currently being updated)
Occupation Code Listing by Code (currently being updated)
Budgeted salary levels are currently being updated. Please contact budget@u.washington.edu if you have any questions.