Salary and Benefit Rates - General Information

FY17 Compensation Changes

Provost Baldasty released a compensation letter on February 5, 2016, providing initial guidance about planning for FY17.

Provost Baldasty released a letter on May 10, 2016 with additional information regarding salary adjustments for FYs 16-17.

The Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Personnel released a letter on July 21, 2016 requesting a list of faculty member salary adjustments from each unit.

Further, the following packet of information was emailed to Deans, Chancellors, VPs and Administrators on July 29, 2016:
  • Memo – Salary Increase Instructions
  • Attachment I – The UW’s salary increase policies and detailed instructions for the implementation of increases
  • Attachment II – Timeline and important dates of significant activities
  • Attachment III – List of unit contacts for joint appointment merit decisions
  • Attachment IV – Letters to individual units to be sent via email in early August 2016

FY17 Salary Module Training Schedule

FY17 Payroll Coordinator's Meeting Presentation