FY14 Budget Development

FY14 Budget Development

Information relevant to the development of the FY14 budget will be posted here once available.

OPB Unit Budget Analysis

Budget meetings for FY14 are underway and in preparation for those conversations, OPB produced a number of reports and tools for the Provost. These include:

Provost's FY2014 Budget Letter

On Wednesday, October 10, 2012, Provost Provost Cauce released her FY14 budget letter. The letter informs the budget process for the coming fiscal year, including: budget-related deadlines, required information for submission, and the priorities informing the process. Please contact Amy Floit with any questions.

Academic-Activity and University Unit Budget Narratives

These are proposed budget items for Fiscal Year 2014, and are subject to approval by the Provost. Items will be posted as they become available.

Seattle Campus

Academic/Activity Units
University Units

Bothell and Tacoma Campuses

Instructions to Units

On Friday, October 19, 2012, Vice Provost Paul Jenny sent an email to units outlining the instructions for submitting the budget materials requested by the Provost. Budget Director Amy Floit followed up with an email to units regarding how to fill out the Annual Projected Academic Plan workbook referenced in the Budget Instruction Letter. A workbook specific to each unit was attached to her email. All budget materials are to be returned to Amy Floit via email by Wednesday, November 21, 2012.

Salary and Revenue Model for FY14 and FY15

This model allows the user to adjust three “levers” – salary increases by employee type, FTE increases by employee type, and tuition increases by tuition category. One can then see the resulting incremental salary and benefit costs as well as the tuition revenue that may be generated to offset those costs. The focus of this model is on salary and benefit costs that are funded by GOF/DOF, but information about cost increases associated with other funding sources is also included. Instructions for using the model can be found on the “Instructions & Assumptions” tab, the levers can be adjusted on the “Levers” tab, and results can be found on the “Costs & Revenues” tab.

Note that this is a model and is designed to provide the user with a sense of the relative effects of possible changes. Results should be viewed as suggestive rather than perfectly predictive.

Please contact Carol Diem with any questions.

FY13 Budget Development data (for reference only)

FY13 Budget Development data has been archived here.