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BI Portal to UW Operational Reports :

The BI Portal provides a single point of access to UW operational reports, which contain institutional data across multiple functional areas and units. These data are housed in the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).

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Data Request

If your questions aren’t answered by the data presented in Statistics and Comparisons, BI Portal or Campus Specific Reports (Tacoma or Bothell); email to make a request.

When sending a request, please let us know:

  • The question you want to answer
  • Whether you need information from a single point in time or trend data
    • The date(s) or date range
  • When you will need this information
    • delivery time dependant on work load, data availability and report complexity
  • How you would like the data formated
    • Please include a mock-up or sample report if possible
    • The format in which you receive the information may be determined by the data and delivery method

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Bothell Reporting Permissions, Issues and Data Requests

Bothell Campus Reports are not available from this web site. 

  • Bothell Users - Contact your IT department
Report or Server Issues:
  • Bothell Users - Contact your IT department
New Data Requests and Change Requests:
  • Bothell Users - Make a Data Request and specify this is a Bothell report.

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Tacoma Reporting Issues and Data Requests

Common Issues:
  • Unable to log in, check the following:
    • Type “Netid\” (without the quotes) before your userID to redirect to the Netid domain. 
    • Have you been added to the user group?  You and your supervisor can make a request per below.
    • Are you using the recommend browser, Internet Explorer (IE)?  Firefox is known to have issues.
  • Report is failing to render properly (some things are missing) or data looks suspect or not updating as expected.
    • Run reports after 9:30 AM.  The underlying data is being refreshed before that time and results might not be as expected.
    • Be sure to re-click [View Report]  button after changing parameters. 
    • For cascading parameters, ones that are grey until a previous parameter is selected, If you select a new parent parameter, review the child parameter to be sure that all the items you want are selected.
    • Are you using the recommend browser, Internet Explorer (IE)?  Firefox is known to have issues.

If you are still having issues with a report, or the report server see the following,

Report Portal:
Report or Server Issues:
New Data Requests and Change Requests:
  • Tacoma Users, Make a Data Request and specify this is a Tacoma report.

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Tacoma Report Server Permissions

If you cannot connect to the Tacoma Reporting Server with your NetID following the instructions on the Reports for Staff Only web page, your NetID may need to be added to the appropriate security group.

Please have your supervisor email  with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your NetID
  • Confirmation that you’ve taken the FERPA training
  • Your phone number
  • Your area of work (Enrollment, Registrar, etc.)
  • Your supervisor's name  and phone number

Your request will be processed and you will be notified by email when you are authorized to view reports using your NetID.

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