PNBDB Database

"PNBDB" is the Planning and Budgeting Database.

PNBDB Data Schedule

An annual schedule for populating PNBDB tables can be found here: PNBDB Data Schedule

OPB Database Documentation (PNBDB)

  • OIS Tables - student data
    • OIS_FACT_SHEET (documentation) - Provides quarterly student enrollment information with commonly requested student characteristics (demographics, majors, STEM)
    • OIS_STUDENT_ORIGINS (documentation) - Specifies the first term a student was enrolled at each level of study at the UW, and identifies the academic origin of the student (high school, community college, etc.)
    • OIS_UG_GRADUATION_RETENTION (documentation) - Provides information about undergraduate student retention and graduation 1 through 8 years past the start of their studies at the UW
  • FWS - faculty workload data
  • Staff Tables - staff data
  • BLG Tables - space data
  • FI Tables - finance data