State Budget Information

State Budget Overview

At the UW, state funds, tuition revenue, and designated operating funds are used to fund central university operations. Between Fiscal Year 2009 and 2012, state funding for the UW was cut in half. The beginning of the 2013-15 (FY14 and FY15) biennium marked the first time the state provided new resources for higher education in several biennia. It also marked the first year in decades that the UW was able to freeze resident undergraduate tuition.
The operating budget passed for the 2015-17 biennium went one step further by reducing the operating fee portion of resident undergraduate tuition at all public institutions. The operating fee reduction is not fully backfilled with state appropriations due to the timing of published enrollment figures – which the state uses to calculate the backfill. However, we expect this backfill shortfall will be corrected in the 2016 supplemental budget.
As usual, state budget details are provided via Planning & Budgeting briefs. Information about the UW's annual budget discussions and budget processes is available under the UW Budget tab.

State Budget Submissions: