Strategic Work Plan


The overall strategy for the Office of Planning & Budgeting can be summed up in two words: “building capacity.” We are building capacity internally to fulfill our expanded roles and responsibilities within the University. The collective output of our continuing fundamental work products and new initiatives will build capacity across the University. Our success in this larger notion of capacity building will be defined by our continued delivery of our four main multi-year strategic planning efforts: Activity Based Budgeting, One Capital Plan, Planning the UW Living Campus and comprehensive data management and reporting. Our success in delivering on these initiatives while still providing the fundamental roles of building the University operating and capital budgets, negotiating with the state, and so forth will allow the University greater understanding of its resource base, and how best to invest into this base for maximum return for our Instructional, Research and Public Service missions.

OPB's values are reflected in the work plans we construct annually. In 2012, the office selected five strategic priorities. These are: Campus Master Planning, Strategic Modeling, ABB (further OPB budget developments), Communications Improvement/Professional Development, and Data and Analysis. These priorities will be tackled bearing our mission, vision, values, and customers in mind.