UW Tacoma Reports for Staff

>> IRP reports are in the process of being replaced by operational reports in the BI Portal <<

As replacements are made, a link directly to the BI Portal report will be provided below.  Also, you will be able to mark your personal favorites and see your recently used report at any time by going to the BI Portal.

  • The first reports to be moved to EDW are Census Day Headcount and Course Fill Rates.


NOTE:  You will need to supply your netid credentials to run reports.  A log in window will pop up first time you click on a report link. Also, please use Internet Explorer. Other browsers like Firefox or Chrome are not supported and will not work.

Enter the word netid followed by a back-slash \ followed by your netid.Then enter your password.
e.g.John Doe (jdoe) would enter netid\jdoe in [User Name] box and his password in [Password] box.

Daily Reports

Course Fill Rates - EDW REPORT Course Fill Rates REPLACED BY EDW REPORT
All Applications Daily Application Count by Program
Course Enrollment
Daily Student Headcount by Class Daily Application Status by Program
Current Student Contact List Eligible to Register
Daily Freshmen Applicant High School Count            Daily Class List
Daily Student Headcount by Major Branch Comparison Daily Application Counts         
Daily Application Count by Major Daily Student Headcount by Program
Daily Freshmen Applicant Demographics Daily Application Status by Major
Daily Applicant Demographics Student Grading Options
Daily OUE Student Course Report Change of Major - Applied Not Converted

Quarterly Census Day Reports

UW Tacoma Awarded Degrees by Program and Student Course Enrollment Census Day
Quarterly Application Yield Fulltime-Parttime by New Continuing Returning Status

Custom Reports

Daily Application Yield Comparison - Enrollment Services Unofficial Transcript Report - Education   
Undeclared Student Report - OUE OUE Pre Major Student List - OUE
All Applications IAS - IAS Global Honors List - Global Honors

Internal Fact Book - Students

How_Many_Students_By_Campus - EDW REPORT Census Day Headcount REPLACED BY EDW REPORT
Census Day Program Count UW Tacoma Major Count by Program - Class 
Student FTE by Class Level and Program  UW Tacoma Major Count by Program - Ethnicity - Gender
  UW Tacoma Major Count by Full-time Part-time 

Internal Fact Book - Alumni

UW Tacoma Degrees by Program - Level - Type UW Tacoma Degrees by Program - Level - Type Percentages

Internal Fact Book - Applications

UW Tacoma Applications by Program - Class Applications by Campus - Type

Reports are listed in order of most recently or frequently used in each section.