GeoSIMS Database

SIMS is the University of Washington’s Space Inventory Management System. The space inventory database is used by the Office of the University Architect to track the assignment and type of space for the university. The information we collect is used for space and capital planning. The university is required to report annually to state and federal agencies on its use of space.
GeoSIMS is the application used to view and update space inventory data.

Components of GeoSIMS:

GeoSIMS has three components. Please note: UW NetID and authorization are required.
  • Map Viewer - Interact with floor plans to view and update space inventory data.

    • Floor plans in the Map Viewer are provided and maintained by the MAPS group and are also made available in CAD through the CADVault.  Contact Aaron Cheuvront for CADVault connection info.
  • Data Viewer - Query and update space inventory data in a tabular format.

  • Space Reports - Run standard data reports summarizing space inventory data by school/department, facility, and other attributes.


Recommended Browsers:

The current recommended browsers for the GeoSIMS Map Viewer and Data Viewer are Firefox 9 and up, Chrome, Safari 5 and up, and Internet Explorer 9 and up. GeoSIMS uses the UW Services Certificate Authority (CA). If you are receiving a certificate warning or a blank map install the UW Services CA for your browser.

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Contact Eric Darst at for access to or assistance with GeoSIMS.