Capital Planning

One Capital Plan

The One Capital Plan summarizes major proposed capital needs, aggregate minor capital needs, and key planning initiatives in the current biennium and the next ten years for all UW enterprises, including UW Seattle, UW Bothell, UW Tacoma, UW Auxiliary Units (Educational Outreach, Housing and Food Services, Intercollegiate Athletics, Parking and Transportation Services), and UW Medical Center. Projects are presented in three categories: Fundamental, Funding Potential and Funding Opportunities. The first two categories align with potential capital funding. The last category represents additional capital needs that extend beyond capital funding expectations within the next ten years. 

In support of the UW Capital Plan development, OPB/OUA initiates strategic and long term planning initiatives to identify current and future needs, anticipate future growth scenarios, and target capital investments.

Capital Budget

The UW Capital Budget identifies fiscal year funding for all UW capital projects and fund sources including State of Washington Building Construction bonds, UW Building Account funds, UW debt and local funds. The Capital Budget includes all UW capital program areas including Athletics, Clinic, Infrastructure, Instruction, Research, and Student Life.

The State Capital Budget Request is developed each biennium to request State appropriated funding for capital projects.  As an agency of the State of Washington, the University is required to submit a plan of proposed capital spending for a ten year period, along with a prioritized list of capital projects requested for funding in the ensuing biennium.

The Capital Budget and the State Capital Budget Request are developed within the context of the One Capital Plan.

OUA contact for further information on this program is John Seidelmann at 206-616-0590.

Capital Funding

Capital projects are defined, approved and funded by the following processes:

Major Capital Projects

Major capital projects (over $5 Million) are identified in the One Capital Plan.

Projects supported by:

OPB works with the Capital Projects Office in the preparation of Project Agreements to define scope, schedule and budget for individual projects.

The Board Regents approve the UW Capital Budget as well as individual project budgets.

 OUA contact for further information on this program is John Seidelmann at 206-616-0590.

Minor Capital Projects

OPB/OUA meets with the Chancellors, Deans, and Administrative Unit leaders to discuss their organization's funding and space requirements. Departments should contact their administrative leadership regarding specific project funding needs.

OPB/OUA also meets with Facilities Services, UW Information Technology, and Environmental Health and Safety to plan funding requirements for physical plant, grounds, utilities, infrastructure, life safety, and building systems repairs and upgrades.

Schools, Colleges and Administrative Units submit biennial funding requests to OPB/OUA in the year preceding the State Capital Budget Request submittal.

Minor capital repair allocations are made by the Provost to Schools, Colleges and Administrative Units at the beginning of each biennium, based on available State and central funds.

OUA contact for further information on this program is John Seidelmann at 206-616-0590. 

Project Funding

Once funding is allocated for specific projects, Unit administrators use the FS-Works or CPO Project Tracker system to initiate projects.

CPO Accounting establishes 40-budgets for approved projects.

OPB/OUA authorizes the transfer of state and central funds, approves requests for additional, incremental funding, and transfers of funds between projects, and coordinates with Treasury and University Advancement on debt and donor funded projects.

OUA contact for further information on this program is John Seidelmann at 206-616-0590.