Sustainability Planning

Sustainability Planning

Sustainability is a high priority for the UW and is an integral component of its educational mission.  As champions of this pursuit, staff members of the Office of Planning & Budgeting and the Office of the University Architect have been tasked to incorporate aspects of sustainability in a wide range of specific planning and design activities.

The University Architect and the Associate Vice Provost of OPB are active members of the university's Environmental Stewardship Committee which is charged with developing and overseeing policy that defines and implements university-wide sustainability practices.

Specific ongoing projects focused on sustainability issues include the Campus Sustainability Fund and the Green Seed Program.


Integrated Energy Planning Model

The Integrated Energy Planning Model is a decision support tool that integrates data and scenario-based visualization to assist the UW with strategic planning for resource allocation and investment in energy infrastructure.


Sustainable Policies

The Office of the University Architect, works in close partnership with the Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability Office and other participating schools, departments and staff to develop and implement Sustainable Policies in support of the University of Washington’s Climate Action Plan.  To view sustainability intitiatives on campus visit the campus Sustainability Map.