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The Office of Planning & Budgeting, in collaboration with UW-IT's Enterprise Information, Integration and Analytics (EIIA) unit, offers a suite of data visualizations through UW Profiles and Public Profiles. Immediately below is information regarding UW Profiles, which are dashboards available to the campus community. Public Profiles (below) are dashboards available to the campus community and external stakeholders. Check back for additional dashboards and visualizations as they become available. Updates regarding these dashboards are provided by UW-IT on their News page.

Please contact uwprofiles@uw.edu with any questions or for help using these dashboards.

UW Profiles (requires UW NetID)

UW Profiles dashboards use data from the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to allow members of the UW campus community to explore and aggregate trend data at the level of the University, campus, school or college, or department. UW Profiles has received industry awards and honors for best practices and its user-friendly design. 

The academic set of UW Profiles focuses on academic data, providing dashboards with information about major enrollments, student credit hours (SCH), degrees awarded, and student progress. In addition, we have added a set of peer dashboards with information about budgets, revenue, and expenditures. 

Log on with your UW NetID at https://uwprofiles.uw.edu/ to gain access to and learn about UW Profiles. 

UW Profiles Main Page:

Public Profiles - Relaunch (does not require UW NetID)

In May 2018, UW-IT and OPB released an updated version of Public Profiles. Public Profiles is a set of dashboards that allow members of our community to explore enrollments, degree production, and graduation and retention trends at the UW and at each of its campuses. Follow the links below to start learning more about our institution:

Public Profiles Example View: