Salary and Benefit Rates - General Information


FY18 Compensation Changes

Provost Baldasty released a compensation letter on April 24, 2017, providing initial guidance about planning for FY18.
On July 19, 2017, the Provost sent Deans, Chancellors, Vice Presidents, and Vice Provosts his FY18 merit authorization letter, which authorized a 2 percent merit pool for eligible and meritorious faculty, librarians, and professional staff in FY18.  The communication included a cover letter, which provided context and a high-level summary. 
Further, the following packet of information was emailed to administrators on July 26, 2017:
The following additional information was sent to administrators on August 16, 2017, along with an updated Attachment II, above.
Professional staff that are not on the merit increase files are in a job code (occupation code) that makes them ineligible for merit through the merit process. A list of these job codes and job profile names can be found on the attachment below. Merit increases for workers in these job codes will need to be handled outside of the merit increase process.